New Horizons

At many moments, especially as we experienced the great outpouring of love from the congregation, I felt an urge to change my mind, to remain in our wonderful situation in Guadalajara.  In those times, I would remind myself of why we made the decision and found our reasons solid still.  Our last days in Guadalajara … Continue reading

Stress Test

Pastor Jack Miller used to say, jokingly of course, “Why pray when I can worry?”  Unfortunately that has reflected my state recently as we enter into the crunch of closing up life and ministry and making an international move.  Our prayer has been that we would grow in faith, not in anxiety.  We had some … Continue reading


We have been back and forth from Mexico to Florida a couple of times and correspondingly up and down in our emotions.  During out visits to Florida, we are enthusiastic about the future possibilities there.  When we are in Mexico, we are engaged in ministry but with a view toward our departure and busy with … Continue reading

God’s Peace

The news of our leaving is sinking in, and God appears to be giving peace to many, although a few are a bit alarmed.  He is giving peace to us, although we also have occasional shots of doubt or fear, as we give up all we have known and loved for the past 20 years to … Continue reading

He is risen!

In at least some English-speaking countries, Christians greet each other on Easter morn with, “He is risen!” to which the reply is, “He is risen indeed!”  I heard of a woman who could not get over what seemed to be the grammatically incorrectness of these statements.  Shouldn’t it be, “He has risen!”?  Well, the present … Continue reading

Elders are Gifts

The rules here are that elders have to take a year sabbatical after six years of service.  Eleven years after our first elders were installed, we still have one left who has yet to take a sabbatical.  This month the second to last one got his chance to rest as we installed another new elder. … Continue reading

Good Start

Over 20 years, we have seen Guadalajara slowly open up to the gospel.  When we first got here, many people had never met an evangelical Christian.  Now churches seem to be popping up all around the city, and people now know evangelicals.  Also, evangelicals in general have a good reputation.  At first, we tried everything … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies

Our church is focusing on four areas in 2016 – the word, prayer, communion, and mission.  We want everyone studying the Bible, praying, getting involved in others’ lives, and reaching out to new people.  Basic activities, right?  Indeed they are, but simple areas in which Christians and churches often fall short. In the area of mission, Sandy and I … Continue reading

No Place Like Home

Sandy’s dad was a traveling evangelist, gone from the home much of the year, filling tents, stadiums, and auditoriums to preach the gospel.  He used to tell me that he never said he wished he didn’t have to go.  I guess not every girl marries a man like her father.  Whenever I have an upcoming … Continue reading